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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RADICAL FACE / The Family Tree: The Roots [2011]

2011's The Family Tree: The Roots is the first part of a series of concept albums created by Ben Cooper (aka Radical Face).
It follows a fictional supernatural family known as the Northcotes, beginning in the 1800's with this particular album.  Recorded under a fairly limited budget and a simple ensemble of instruments gives the album a genuine traditional sound that's hazed over with a sense of distant memories, dreamy personality and deep thoughts.  Cooper has an elegant way of writing sad music to make you feel happy that at times feels hauntingly familiar and warm as it conjures up images of a fading childhood, your first love and the people you've lost over the years.

4 alcoholic wooden hearts out of 5

Songs Of Note: The Moon Is DownAlways Gold

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