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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LIGHTS / Siberia [2011]

Valerie Poxleitner aka Lights offers a "grittier" more developed version of her bubbly electro-dance pop on the 2011 sophomore effort Siberia.
2009's The Listening was insanely sweet and offensively cute, so thankfully Siberia tones down the sugar flavored sap and inserts some distorted dub-step & hip-hop tinted anthems.  Lights still sounds like Cyndi Lauper overdosed on pixie sticks & rainbows but now with a little bit of attitude it's much more bearable to the ears.  Her voice is actually quite nice but I get the feeling she found a comfort zone then stuck to it without realizing her full potential.  It does get a bit repetitive in the middle but if she explores her creativity with a bit more confidence and curiosity things could get really good.

3 Holy Fucks out of 5

Songs Of Note: Banner; Suspension

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