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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

THE FLAMING LIPS / The Terror [2013]

It's pretty common for psychedelic rock acts as they age to get less and less "psychedelic" to the point of creating nice soft rock music over soothing sonic backdrops.  After being together for 30 years, The Flaming Lips will have none of that and prove it with the noisy, dark and bizarre 2013 album, The Terror.
Being a colorful, cold and vivid musical expression of loneliness, broken hearts and despair, I can't help but wonder what brought up such feelings from a normally upbeat act like The Lips.  It's like a suffocating krautrock version of Damon Albarn doing Atom Heart Mother that pulls you into it's headspace and paralyzes you with mesmerizing otherworldly soundscapes and emotions.

4 suns going up & down out of your control out of 5

Songs Of Note: Try To ExplainAlways There...In Our Hearts

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