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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TIM HECKER / Virgins (2013)

I've had Virgins on repeat for days and each time the experience has been different. The most magical was while lying in bed after a night of no sleep. The sounds of the waking world through the open window seemed to be coming from far enough away that they took on a kind of rhythmic, musical ambience. That reservoir of early morning audio formed a symbiotic relationship with the ebb and flow of the spatial environment created by the album. I'm positive the woodwind and piano were Heckler's but the barking dogs in the distance… real or disc?
Listening during waking hours casts a different kind of spell. Some songs sound taller, more open; some more ambitious; and some make me think it's what being inside a storm cloud formation would sound like. Take from that what you will.

Songs of Note: You need all of it to get the full experience.

5 fugue states out of 5


cuckoo77 said...

Haven't heard this one yet.

Will seek out it immediately.

Dr Faustus said...

I didn't realise until after I'd posted that you'd already did a Hecker. I went to add him to the list and he was already there.

I couldn't decide which songs to use as examples because to remove them from the whole felt wrong. Youtube didn't have any to link to so that made it easy for me. :)

cuckoo77 said...

He's good stuff.

I'm surprised his music got over to the pip-pips.

I figured he was just a little French Canadian pervert making weird noises.