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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


If this show had simply gone for Brave Series-level Symmetrical Docking when combining Idiot and Breakdown it would have only been the sum of its parts. Instead, they went for full-on Great Go-Buster levels of integration: they incorporated verses of other songs, combined songs outright, included b-sides and their contribution to Rock Against Bush, and added an entirely new song to the mix. On top of that, the new, fresh voices, including those of several women, serve to completely reinvigorate these songs. I love the boys and Idiot is on the very short list of contenders for my favorite album but even still this breathes an entirely new life into this era of their career and is completely indispensable.

Songs of Note: Letterbomb; Too Much Too Soon

5 Favorite Sons and Daughters out of 5

Nutted by Neg (who never lacks a better word)


Dr Faustus said...

I like it. The grandeur of the original tracks translates really well into this kind of musical theatre. A solid 3.5 from me.

cuckoo77 said...

I'm not particularly a fan of this type of arrangements for voice.

I despise the vocals actually. Add in the dancing and it's too much for me. I'd go so far as to say it's everything I thought Green Day wasn't.

That being said, I think Tom Kitt's adaptations are fantastically creative and very well done. He certainly didn't just spit 'em out. He put a lot of thought into them and deserves the recognition.

...and I snagged tickets to the Washington show in November, just 2 days before the Danny Elfman show.

That'll be a good weekend, bitches.

cuckoo77 said...

3 out of 5 from me.