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Friday, October 4, 2013

CARCASS / Surgical Steel (2013)

They disbanded in 1996 but they're back! And look at the cover. Is it a sign of the Carcass we know and love? Yes, if you were a fan of Necroticism (1991) and Heartwork (1993) because, like every review written says, it sounds like a bridge between those two albums (which is another way of saying it's fucking awesome).
The first half serves up an aggressive dual guitar assault on a bloodstained platter that reminds us just how influential the guys were back in the day. The second half is more focussed on bone crunching mid-tempo riffs that are friendlier on the ear but still extreme enough to make my brain tingle with perverted joy.
It was mixed by Andy Sneap, so you know you're in good hands even before you slip the disc into your player.

Songs of Note: Thrasher's Abattoir; Captive Bolt Pistol

4 congealed blood clots out of 5

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