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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PIGFACE / A New High in Low (1997)

ANHiL is a double album. Given its extra length (easy, tiger), it would be natural to assume that it contains even more collaborations than usual, but the opposite is true, it has very few contributors. It almost seems more like a Martin Atkins solo work (with a handful of guests) than a typical Pigface release.
The first disc has twelve tracks spread over fifty+ minutes. There are some half-decent efforts, but overall it's not up to the usual standard.
The second disc is either more interesting or less bearable, depending on your opinion of professional boundary-breaker Genesis P-Orridge, because it's the work of just s/he and Atkins. It's seventy+ minutes of meandering musical self-indulgence that's split over just three tracks.

Songs of Note: Nutopia (w/ Meg Lee Chin); Methylated (w/ The Girl Bros)

3 grotesque attenuations out of 5

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