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Thursday, November 20, 2014

METALLICA / ...And Justice for All (1988)

Settle down, children. Once upon a time, while some of you were nothing but an unfertilised egg in your momma's womb, and your daddy wasn't playing around with hookers, a band named Metallica had the respect of everyone in the metal scene. Sure, there was that mouthy guy, but the music was good, so we could overlook that part. The band recovered from tragedy to release an album that was a bit dry and on the long side, but it blew the collective asses off the critics who said that they'd never recover. That's called a 'Fuck You'.
We can only speculate as to what went on in the studio. "Turn up the bass," said one. "No," said another. "You're new, so shut up. I'm the boss." Had they listened to what the new kid might have said, the album would've been even better.

Songs of Note: To Live is to Die; Dyers Eve

4½ long straws out of 5


cuckoo said...

A decent recovery from the loss of Cliff Burton.
Too long though and really dry.

3½ Kingdoms Of Salvation out of 5 from me.

Dr Faustus said...

It’s my favourite of their original stuff and the only full album I kept on vinyl. (It doesn't sound quite as good on CD.)

I have a box-set of five or six EPs, too. It stayed because it has Garage Days!