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Saturday, November 22, 2014

MICHIRU ŌSHIMA / ICO: Melody in the Mist (2002)

The ICO score is just over twenty-five minutes in length, but during that time it encapsulates almost as many different emotional states as the game itself gives rise to while playing. Some of the incidental music is so brief that it seems as if the lingering aspect you'd normally expect to have actually becomes the whole, but it's never cursory or perfunctory. Others are so perfect, so refined, that making them longer couldn't increase their beauty, it would just increase the duration.
As a whole, it's a gathering of moments ranging from serene, ethereal, forebodingly eerie and haunting to ultimately peaceful, filled with hope.
NOTE: Pentagon (Koichi Yamazaki and Mitsukuni Murayama) are also credited on tracks. Vocals on 'You Were There' are by Steven Geraghty.

Songs of Note: Caste in the Mist; ICO – You Were There

5 shadows chased out of 5

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