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Monday, November 3, 2014

NOCTURNO CULTO / The Misanthrope (2007)

The soundtrack to Nocturno Culto's experimental film of the same name (see HERE) is being described as an album by some sellers, but it's really only the length of an E.P. You also shouldn't expect anything like what he does with Darkthrone or Sarke; it's more closely related to Electronic Dark Ambient. It's enjoyable enough, but without the visual aspect it feels a little weightless and unfinished.
If you own the film in its original DVD packaging, then you already have the CD. If not, for less money the CD release comes with the film on a second disc. All in all, for a fiver it's good value, but it has limited appeal.

Songs of Note: Stay Away; The Will to Deny

2½ Dalek voices out of 5

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