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Sunday, July 29, 2012

KING DIAMOND / Conspiracy (1989)

Conspiracy continues the story that began on Them (1988), but it's less haunting this time. Instead, it delves into waters that are more psychological, though no less frightening. It's also a little friendlier on the ears, musically at least, because King's vocals are still occasionally ear-splitting.
King returns to the House of Amon after 18 years of being… elsewhere. It doesn't take long before the voices start talking to him.
It's theatrical, like you'd expect, but also technically complex, perhaps overly, as the music shifts to fit the lyrics and the story, not the other way around. I'm okay with that becuase I love the art of storytelling, regardless of its medium.
I can't give the songs I'd like to because it's a concept album and they come later in the story, so have the two opening tracks:

Songs of Note: At The Graves; Sleepless Nights

5 voices killing the pain out of 5

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