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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PROCOSMIAN FANNYFIDDLERS / Interference Number 9 (2012)

Avant-garde Norwegian 'burlesque' Prog with Folk and medieval influences isn't exactly top of my list of favourite things, in fact, it's never even been on my list of things, but Interference Number 9 managed to entertain briefly. Most Prog Rock bores the tits off me, but the album is so bat-shit crazy in places that I can't hate it. But nor can I love it, so it flits about somewhere between the two states. If King Crimson played songs about lingerie, hookers, space shuttles and primary schools, then they might've sounded like the Fannyfiddlers. Maybe? Probably not.

Songs of Note: Captain Mystique; Lingerie

2½ urges to glow out of 5

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