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Saturday, July 14, 2012

OCTOBER TIDE / Rain Without End (1997)

October Tide is a side-project of two members of Swedish metal band Katatonia, Jonas Renkse (vocals/drums) and Fred Norrman (guitar/bass). Musically it feels like it fits snugly between For Funerals to Come (1995) and Brave Murder Day (1996). It mixes the brutal power of the former with the mournful melodies of the latter and contains some of the last growls that Renkse performed before he cleaned up his vocals to become the voice of modern Gothic Doom. Production is similar to BMD but the guitars are heavier, more forceful. It's a classic of the genre that was criminally overlooked at time of release. Fans of that early Katatonia sound should definitely seek it out. (The reissue had different cover art.)

Songs of Note: Ephemeral; Blue Gallery

4½ rainy tomorrows out of 5

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