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Monday, July 23, 2012

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM / Handwritten [2012]

After three solid albums, Brian Fallon felt he bled himself dry of The Gaslight Anthem and turned to The Horrible Crowes.  Thankfully, that gave him some time to refuel and get back to raw, soulful rock n' roll for 2012's Handwritten.
The guitars are denser, the songwriting more up-tempo, each lyric is worded with perfection and Fallon's husky vocals toss in some flavors of Petty, Cobain and Dylan into the already powerful Springsteen, Waits, Vedder and Strummer mix.  
It's nice to see such a strong band grow completely into their own, after much praised, yet weighted comparisons to other acts of the past.  It's solid fearless songwriting at some of it's best. 

5 flip sides out of 5

Songs Of Note: Howl; National Anthem

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