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Thursday, February 28, 2013

BAD RELIGION / True North [2013]

Well over 30 years into their career, punk rockers Bad Religion show no sign of slowing down on their 16th studio album, 2013's True North.
Still rattling on about the lumbering shitheap that is America, the unreliability of Christianity and all around social issues, Bad Religion rips it up with dense, fast-paced and catchy pop-punk melodies.  With the last few albums lacking that extra punch, the boys seem to have gained a third wind as they haven't sounded this good since 2002's The Process Of Belief.  They don't give a rat's ass if they aren't breaking any new barriers, as long as they're still churning out solid punk rock songs and sits just fine with me.

4 Sham 69 lines out of 5

Songs Of Note: True NorthNothing To Dismay

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