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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FAITH NO MORE / Who Cares A Lot? [1998]

Greatest Hits?  Faith No More?  Maybe in some tiny little village in Germany.  
With only one genuine hit single song (The Real Thing's Epic) you almost wonder if it's meant to be a tongue in cheek joke or some way to fill contractual obligations after the band broke up a year before this 1998 compilation...or both.
Who Cares A Lot? is pretty much an uninspired collection of their promotional singles and a handful of rarities that will interest hardcore fans.  Some artists' "greatest hits" albums are listener friendly ways to introduce folks to their works and some are better left collecting dust while you seek out the original albums.  This one is a bit of both.  
You be the judge, you fat bastards.

2 hits? out of 5

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