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Thursday, February 21, 2013

GROUPER / The Man Who Died In His Boat [2013]

Liz Harris aka Grouper has really found herself being lost in that ethereal poppy ambience on 2013's The Man Who Died In His Boat.
It's a strange dreamy death vibe that feels like tranquility in being buried alive, which as morbid as it sounds is actually quite soothing to the lonely soul.  It has an emotional vulnerability to it that is mysterious and alluring, like, lack of a better description, an angel mindlessly babbling over an acoustic guitar & a FX board.  It all starts to feel the same but if you like what you hear then it won't really matter as you daydream it all away.

3½ songs called STS out of 5

Songs Of Note: VitalCover The Long Way

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