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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OINGO BOINGO / Boi-Ngo [1987]

New Wave Nerd Rockers Oingo Boingo continue down the slippery slope of commercially friendly pop music on 1987's Boi-Ngo.   
It might be poppier but songwriter Danny Elfman manages to throw in some warped textures & rhythms to keep things...well...Elfman.  Being the first album since he started scoring films, it seems a bit too professional and serious for a stage act that used to chase each other around with giant fish & half-naked girls.  Some of my favorite Boingo songs are on here and ones I loathe most as well.  
Who would have guessed Elfman's classic Beetlejuice score would surface less than a year later?

3 more helpings of nervous energy out of 5

Songs Of Note: New Generation; We Close Our Eyes

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