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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ALAN MOORE + TIM PERKINS / Snakes and Ladders (2003)

With spoken word performances it's natural to give your full attention to the first listen, but there's a different, no less valid appreciation attained from repeated listens; such it is with Snakes and Ladders. When the mind drifts or loses focus, or when words lose their distinctiveness and become hypnotic triggers, there's a semi-unconscious feeling that what's being spoken is deeply poignant, magickal and filled with enduring mystery. Eventually, stand out words, sure to be different for each listener, will inevitably draw you back in, but the musings that were birthed in the interim will hopefully have served their purpose.
Moore never falters, letting up only when it suits. In those instances the music of Tim Perkins takes centre stage whilst never betraying its primary supporting role of providing an aural chalice within which the words reverberate.

Songs of Note: The Gates of Tears; Stars and Garters

5 trout skins out of 5

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