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Saturday, March 21, 2015

PIGFACE / Washingmachine Mouth (1993)

You'll find WM classed as an album, E.P. or even a maxi-single, depending on where you shop, but whatever the truth, clocking in at almost 45 minutes means it doesn't exactly skimp on content, even if it is mostly just 'dicked around' remixes of songs from Fook (1992). After the intensity of that album, the surprise of quieter tracks that are distant, hypnotic cousins of something that might be Ambient Dub was a big surprise; but surprise is what Pigface did best in those days. It's difficult to categorise. It even confuses some CD players; I'm not even kidding.

Songs of Note: Satellite (Needle in the Groove)Prepare to Die (Go! Go! Go!)

3 garden varieties with evil intent out of 5

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