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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TOTO / Dune OST (1984)

The soundtrack to Lynch's Dune is as patterned and layered as the film itself: mournful thoughtfulness gives way to epic hero themes that—ironically, considering the setting—have the essence of giant waves crashing on distant shores. The most memorable motif is almost identical to part of Ronald Stein's The Haunted Palace (1963) score, but it works in both settings, so I'm able to forgive the 'coincidence'. The opposing factions and Houses are well-represented through varied use of percussion and there's even a romantic theme or two, should you feel the need for a dreamy accompaniment to the overwhelming heroism.
Track titles are super-spoilery, so, rather than pick what I consider the two best tracks, I'll instead showcase the first two on the album:

Songs of Note: Prologue-Main TitleGuild Report

5 waking dreams out of 5


cuckoo said...

It's got a few similar notes in the first bar of the fanfare as The Haunted Palace
but so does Elfman's Scrooged.

Is this the '84 version or the '97 your speaking of? I think the '84 version isn't too spoilery but the '97 is a bastard for spoilers.

Dr Faustus said...

It's used a number of times in the Palace film; it kept pulling me out of the old-timey horror mindset into a Dune one.

It’s the ‘97 version I have, 30 sexy tracks. From about track 12 onwards it really is merciless in its spoilers.