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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ELVIS COSTELLO / Spike (1989)

Some of these songs are easily decipherable while others are opaque at best and completely bonkers at ‘worst.’ There exist official explanations for each but I have no need of them. My own interpretations are far more satisfying as I have no wish to lose the mystical fascination I’ve always had with this album. While Costello often contents himself with hiding sharp, biting declarations inside pop sensibilities shimmering enough to make your head spin, here he was completely unafraid to indulge his most outlandish and strangely compelling songwriting instincts. Honestly, where else can one find restrained diatribes against world leaders rubbing shoulders with the first-person musings of prominent after-life denizens?

5 Shamelessly Sticky Pairs of Pornographers’ Trousers out of 5

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