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Friday, March 27, 2015

VARIOUS ARTISTS / The Matrix Revolutions: Music from the Motion Picture (2003)

Akin to its predecessor’s album, Revolutions’ stand-alone musical offering opens well, with rapid-fire, churning percussive elements that crest from quieter idylls, hitting in scintillating fits and swells. Without the pacing provided by the film proper, however, the center’s more generic stretch unfortunately becomes somewhat shrill. The final quarter of the track listening is where things get exciting, with Smith and Neo’s own take on Sephiroth’s One Winged Angel, and a roiling, expansive suite-unto-itself, which incorporates that track’s forceful chants as well as Indian vocals and scripture, over bubbling electronic undertones. Ultimately, though, while I’d argue this is a more tidy listen than Reloaded’s fractured smorgasbord, I can really only recommend this particular release to completist fans.

Songs of Note: Tetsujin; Navras

NOTE: A 2-disc, limited edition version was released last year.

3 Nodes on a Larger Circle out of 5

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