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Sunday, June 17, 2012

GEORGE BARNETT / 17 Days [2012]

As the first full length release for UK musician George Barnett, 17 Days is quite impressive. Beside the occasional special guest, all instruments and vocals are recorded by Barnett in various bedrooms and bathrooms and was initially released for free as a "fuck you" to copywriters as he owns all his masters and in his own words "can do whatever the fuck I want with them". Despite that it still sounds very professional and well put together. The tracklist covers various moods from happy go lucky pop to mournful introspection. While not all were my cup of tea they all felt good and best of all fresh which alone makes it worth some time.

Songs of Note: Superhero In A BallAbraham

4½ Talented people make me feel inadequate out of 5

Nutted by: Impudent Urinal


Dr Faustus said...

Your last sentence sums up what I felt perfectly. A great achievement from Barnett. I especially liked he video for Bewitched. They either live in a very empty town or got very damn lucky.

Impudent Urinal said...

Are friggin all roads that tiny in the future? I could sneeze from one side to the other. It must be a nightmare with one-way roads.

Dr Faustus said...

It seemed to be a little village area. Bigger towns would have wider two lane roads. I like the idea of cobbled streets with less traffic, though. Too many assholes parking on kerbs where I live.