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Friday, June 15, 2012

BURZUM / Det Som Engang Var (1993)

Creeping desolate darkness is what Black Metal does best. There was a time Burzum did it better than most. Det Som Engang Var is the proof. The production is raw but much more refined than on Aske (1993). It's also doomier at times but no less aggressive. Varg's layering of guitar tracks is almost perfect. The repetitive drone sinks into your psyche and drags you deep into his world. The vocals are pained screeches that sound inhuman. For me this is the real sound that accompanied the birthing of the Dark Lord's denizens on Middle Earth. Howard Shore would probably shit himself if he heard the power of it.

Songs of Note: Lost Wisdom; Han Som Reiste

4 keys to the gates of Moria out of 5

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