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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CLAMS CASINO / Instrumental Mixtape 2 [2012]

In a matter of a year, hip-hop producer Clams Casino went from being a kid producing instrumental beat tracks in his mom's basement to thean A-lister go-to-guy for psychedelic backbeats . It's not  really surprising considering how well his previous record was received by critics and artists alike.
2012's Instrumental Mixtape 2 continues the relaxing auditory journey into Clams' space like atmospheres and beautifully distorted textures.  This time around, things are a little more mysterious, denser and darker, making for an interesting conclusion to the first record.

4 cry little sisters out of 5

Note: Grab it for free off of Clam Casino's Official Facebook page.

Songs Of Note: PalaceBorn To Die (remix)

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