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Sunday, June 17, 2012

SKYCLAD / A Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol (1992)

Lacking the wealth of memorable riffs that its predecessor had, but still sounding like a Folksy Sabbat thanks to Martin Walkyier's presence, Skyclad continued to progress in a genre they invented. The violin is used a lot more, sometimes beautifully but occasionally clumsily. Some of the lighter jigs still make me chuckle in places, but that's okay, it's part of the charm. Lyrically it's as sharp as ever. At time of writing it's still strangely out of print, so if you see it lurking in a second hand store, that may be your only chance to snap it up.

Songs of Note: Salt on the Earth; R'Vannith

3 moonlit ley lines out of 5

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