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Saturday, June 23, 2012

KATATONIA / Night is the New Day (2009)

The atmosphere that Katatonia create on Night is the New Day is essentially the same as they always do. but it's harder to pin down, it seems to be constantly shifting. The comforting darkness and encompassing melancholy is both cold and warm, which makes little sense in words but musically is as clear as crystal. The dissonant guitars alongside the soft and dreary lullabies of vocalist Jonas Renkse work beautifully. There's a very slight shift into a more progressive sound; at times it even sounds like their good friends, Opeth. But I hope they don't go as far down that silly road as Opeth did.

Songs of Note: Idle BloodDay and then the Shade

4 long years of deceit (dangerously close to being emo) out of 5

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