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Friday, June 8, 2012

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM / American Slang [2010]

Establishing themselves as a band that's going to stick around for awhile, The Gaslight Anthem really come into their own on 2010's American Slang.
The influences of Tom Waits, The Clash and Springsteen are still very evident but the Jersey boys give this record an organic growl of their own.  Good rock songs conjuring up images of broken hearts bleeding on the jukebox, making out in small town pub parking lots and pretty girls smiling just for you.  The Gaslights are as tight as ever, complimented with the "do what I want" attitude and a full complete sound.

4 Springsteen shuffles out of 5

Songs Of Note: The Diamond Church Street ChoirWe Did It When We Were Young

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