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Thursday, April 4, 2013

SOL SEPPY / The Bells Of 1 2 [2006]

Former regular Sparklehorse collaborator Sol Seppy's first solo release, 2006's The Bells Of 1 2 is an ethereal trip into lonely hope.
While it's hard to tell, the swirling electronics and hazy soundscapes are based around Seppy's delicate piano compositions making for a dreamy and intimate experience.  I'm reminded a bit of  Lily Allen without as much attitude with hints of Soap&Skin and Sigur Rós, only not as absorbed into heavy depression but just as heartfelt.  It gets a little too samesy at times and the lyrics go a little overboard with melodramatic schmaltz but the sincerity in Seppy's vocal delivery is what sells it.  

3 girls named human out of 5

Songs Of Note: MoveEnter One

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