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Monday, April 29, 2013

CASSIE / Rockabyebaby [2013]

7 years after her last effort, R&B/hip-hop artist Cassie returns without the bubbly pop and reinvents herself into something slicker, smoother and sexier on her 2013 mixtape Rockabyebaby.
With the help of some beautifully polished urban production, Cassie's new work impresses with a dark seedy sound heavily inspired by the violent world in the 1991 crime drama New Jack City.  As impressive as the list of guests on this mixtape is, Cassie's icy, cold but sultry voice is never overshadowed because of it's strong presence and seamless transitions from singing to rhyming.  The only thing lacking is a song begging for the skip button, which makes me very hopeful for a proper album release from this reinvented artist.

4 inspirations from Keisha out of 5

Songs Of Note: Take Care Of Me [feat. Pusha T]Do My Dance [feat. Too $hort]

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