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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

THE HIGHEST ORDER / If It's Real [2013]

I was crushed when One Hundred Dollars called it quits in 2012 because, quite frankly, I loved Simone Schmidt's vulnerable, yet toughened voice.  I was more than excited to hear she (and OHD guitarist Paul Mortimer) bounced back pretty quickly with The Highest Order and their 2013 debut If It's Real.
Taken the country vibe of her previous band, Schmidt and co. add in a curious touch of psychedelia making for what I can only describe as "cosmic country".  Heavy on eerie melodies doused with reverb, this is a broody, lonely album that somehow manages to be quite fun at the same time.  If the idea of a female Johnny Cash high on LSD sounds like good times to you then look no further than this gem of an album.

5  Gram Parsons out of 5

Songs Of Note: Sacred Team; Two Hundred Pounds

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