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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BLEACHED / Ride Your Heart [2013]

Jennifer & Jessica Clavin (formerly of Mika Miko) make their debut as Bleached on 2013's Ride Your Heart.
Like their previous band, the Clavin sisters' roots are firmly planted in a Ramones-esque style of sing along chorusy pop punk now blending in a sugarsweet 60's girl group air to it.  As bubbly as it might sound, there's a certain flavor of cynicism buried deep into the sunny lo-fi mix to give it that modern kick.  It's all nice and friendly but nothing really stands out as particularly interesting or new.  I suspect they are a fantastic live act but lose that special something in the studio, so I can't completely write them off as nothing more than bland because they do what they do quite well.  

3 girl fights out of 5

Songs Of Note: Next Stop; Waiting By The Telephone 

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