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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

COLD WAR KIDS / Dear Miss Lonelyhearts [2013]

After the unbalanced misfire of Mine Is Yours it's nice to hear indie-rock act Cold War Kids return to fine form on their fourth album, 2013's Dear Miss Lonelyhearts.
Recruiting former Modest Mouse guitarist Dann Gallucci to replace Jonnie Russell gives the band a noticeably more broader sound that unfolds into a bold spacey vibe. Tuning into their inner New Order/David Bowie, the Kids teeter on stadium rock while retaining that indie sound which doesn't sit well with many but I find it's part of their charm.  It's simply a fine little record that will probably go unnoticed by most but will be thoroughly enjoyed by the few.

4 advice columnists out of 5

Songs Of Note: TuxedosBottled Affection

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