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Thursday, April 25, 2013

THE BLACK ANGELS / Indigo Meadow [2013]

Psychedelic rockers The Black Angels, scaled down to a four-piece, drop most of the trippy intervals for more of a standard rock album with 2013's Indigo Meadow.
While still sounding like the tripped out love child of Jefferson Airplane, The Doors and Barrett-era Floyd, the group have lightened up quite a bit.  They don't sound as dreadfully paranoid as before, which I actually liked quite a bit more than this.  It's still as fuzzy, hypnotizing and loud as before but it misses the mark that made the first 3 albums so great.  As a modern rock album it's still pretty decent compared to most of the crap shovelled at us, as an Angels album it falls a bit short.

3 kids with guns out of 5

Songs Of Note: Holland; War On Holiday

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