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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MATMOS / The Marriage Of True Minds [2013]

Electronic duo Matmos are guaranteed to always have an interesting concept behind each record and 2013's The Marriage Of True Minds is one helluva head trip.
For four years they conducted the parapsychological Ganzfeld experiment on willing volunteers and it resulted in inspiration and direct translations of the patient's reactions in audio form.  It's a bizarre collection of sounds that slither into your ears and tickle the insides of your brain in a most comforting fashion, that will make you twitch with disturbed glee if you have both the patience and open mind for such a notion.  With it's delicate attention to sound design, this albums begs you to sit alone in the dark with your headphone on to fully enjoy it.  It's guaranteed to divide listeners but love it or hate it, the brilliant creativity and thought put into it really can't be denied.

5 triangles out of 5

Songs Of Note: Mental Radio; Ross Transcript

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