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Thursday, April 25, 2013

FRANK TURNER / Tape Deck Heart [2013]

After a 3 years of sold out concert halls and massive festivals, it wouldn't be right for English folk-rocker Frank Turner to keep singing about struggling to make rent and riding the bus on 2013's major label debut Tape Deck Heart.
Instead he opts for a broken heart record about self-evaluation, change, ageing and staying sincere to the love of music.  Like fellow folk-rocker Billy Bragg, Turner's vocals and songwriting flourish with passion, anger and loneliness while keeping positively grounded in honest reality.  Adding in some mandolin, honky-tonk piano and multiple overdubs makes for a more polished record far from the acoustic folk of his early days but never once does you feel as if he's doing it to sell records.  Turner once again proves he's an artist that is really hard to dislike.

4 odes to punk rock out of 5

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