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Monday, April 9, 2012


Florence isn’t a pretender, she can really sing.  If you disagree with that statement this album won’t change your mind.  In fact, nothing about this release will change your mind about Flo if you didn’t like her previous works.  She relies heavily on that impassioned wail that she is so very good at; her delivery is fervent but it’s Flo through and through, for good or ill.  It’s less stripped back than I’d have liked, it still sounds mostly like a full band, although I would mourn the loss of the strings if they were absent so I guess I’m as hard to please as the next person.  Her cover of the Cash / Carter song "Jackson" with Josh Homme (of QOTSA) was perhaps a bad idea.  June did it a million times better.

Songs of Note: Dog Days Are Over; Cosmic Love

3 cut it out and restart out of 5

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