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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

COLOSSO / Abrasive Peace (2012)

A self-financed release that puts to shame many of the big name label releases. It's Death Metal but it's not - the basic structure is in place but there's a skin of experimentation stretched over the meat and bones. It's written and (with the exception of drums) performed by just one guy! Max Tomé take a bow. The opening track is an aural assault that sets the tone for what follows. It has enough surprises and outside influences to set it apart from the rest of the DM pack, with atmospheric keyboards and old school solos; it even reminded me of Diabolical Masquerade at times but with less of the Black, and more of the technical Death.
It's FREE (for a short time) from the official site. HERE. Go get!

Songs of Note: Anthem to ChaosThe Epiphany

3½ thanks for the heads up IU out of 5

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Impudent Urinal said...

It seems to be a growing trend for musicians to just put it out there for free on Pirate Bay. I think it works. I'll listen to anything once if it's free. This just happened to be a winner.
3½ Ambiance... in my Metal? It's more likely than you think out of 5