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Sunday, April 8, 2012

MITCH MALLOY / Ceilings & Walls (1994)

Despite Malloy's brief stint as singer for Van Halen this is pretty far from that and what I was expecting. The whole album is sappy poetry that seems it should be written in a teenage girl's notebook. I should have been tipped off with its tagline, "You've heard these songs before, but until now they were only in your heart." :BARF: "We run from ceilings and walls"... what does that even mean? Speak for yourself, Mitch. It could have been saved if he mixed it up a bit instead of all cheesy faux-ballads and while bland it is at least technically competent. I would rather hear more of that pianist in the background.

Songs of Note: This Time; Tumbling Down

1½ I can't believe this was labeled as Rock out of 5

Nutted by Impudent Urinal

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