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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ACID REIGN / Moshkinstein (1988)

Old-school thrash from the days when you could go to a record store and pick up any crap and it sounded great; the scene was in its infancy and every release brought something new. Acid Reign sound like Nuclear Assault but with a hardcore edge. The guitar sounds like a sputtering buzzsaw. The bass is too low in the mix. The drums sound like they were recorded in a draughty shed. The vocalist has only one mode: shouty. The melodies are similar much of the time. So why is it good?  The energy of the guys was infectious. The passion is apparent in every cheap riff. Imagine yourself in a pit at an AR live gig and you'll understand.

Songs of Note: Goddess; Motherly Love

3 apple core crossovers out of 5

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