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Thursday, April 5, 2012


A live E.P. that was originally only available on 10" and Cassette. If you have that 10" I will throw moderate amounts of money at you in exchange for it. There are only 6 tracks (the CD reissue adds an extra 3 tracks, which are really from the Birds of a Feather EP). Killing Joke are a formidable force live; when Jaz Coleman stares into your soul with those eyes of his, you'll never forget it. Obviously, that can't be reproduced on a recording. Nor do you get a sense of the tribal bonding that takes place through the music and its delivery. It's not an essential purchase, because the sound is a bit shit at times, but it has a few good moments.

Songs on Note: Sun Goes Down (Live); Unspeakable (Live)

2½ sussed someones out of 5

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