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Friday, April 6, 2012

MERCYFUL FATE / Melissa (1983)

Would you like to hear where early Metallica stole all their best riffs and drum techniques from? They ripped them off Hank Shermann and Kim Ruzz. If you want proof, listen to the Melissa album. The biggest difference is that Fate had King Diamond on vocals. King uses his falsetto tones to great effect, but some people don't like it, they laugh and poke fun. That's okay. What they fail to recognise is the humour in the work; King knows what he does and why he does it. Recognise that and stop the bitching. It's traditional metal with theatrical overtones and a darkly lyrical nature. Oh, and it's damn near perfect.

Songs of Note: Curse of the Pharaohs; Into the Coven

4½ don't touch, never ever steal out of 5

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