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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JIM MARTIN / Milk And Blood [1997]

After getting fired from Faith No More for lack of enthusiasm, guitarist Jim Martin wandered around aimlessly for 5 years and eventually came out with his first (and last) solo record, 1997's Milk And Blood.
Judging by this record, it's pretty obvious Martin was not the songwriter in FNM. He merely brought the thrash metal flavor to the band and now he's infests his own album with it. The guitars are mixed so loudly it drowns out any sign of a bass, the drums sound like tin cans and his vocals are so atrociously bland and weak. It's pretty much watered down thrash metal crap that makes Metallica's more recent albums sound like the Mona Lisa's queefs.

1 shitty Hetfield & Newsted cameo out of 5

Songs Of Note: Disco Dust; Around The Sun

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