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Monday, April 2, 2012

NURSE WITH WOUND / Creakiness and Other Misdemeanours (2012)

A new Nurse With Wound album always excites me (and about four other people in the world). Although Creakiness isn't exactly new material, it's the Creakiness side of the NWW/Spasm split vinyl LP Creakiness/Firepool (1991), along with various other tracks culled from long out of print 7" singles. It's the usual acid flashback music that makes you want to separate your consciousness from your scumbag brain and float it over a volcano. Be thrilled by car horns, cat meows, creaking doors, porky pig, fake duck calls, roundabouts and scratchy silence.

Songs of Note: Creakiness (all seventeen glorious minutes of it)

3½ meep meeps out of 5

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