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Monday, April 23, 2012

LESS THAN JAKE / B is for B-sides (2004)

Over the years, Vinnie has contented himself with writing song after song about leaving town. In retrospect, it was the juvenile coping strategy of someone convinced that a change of scenery could fix everything wrong in their life. With this b-side collection (of all things), he seems to have realized that true change comes as a result of not running away from the one thing you cannot escape: yourself. While there is an obligatory leaving song, this effort instead skews heavily to salvos about facing oneself while in the throes of substance abuse. Along the way you’ll realize that while he hasn’t reached a final answer in any narrative sense, he has talked a big enough game of resolve to make this their most impressive effort to date. As a band, they even manage to deliver a few songs in their best template of old: socially conscious meta-musings with hooks galore.  B is for Bravo.

Songs of Note: Bridge and Tunnel Authority; National Anthem

3½ Face-down breakdowns out of 5

Nutted by (N is for) NEG

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