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Sunday, January 29, 2012

GREEN DAY / Kerplunk [1992]

With drummer Tre Cool firmly intact, making up the Green Day line-up that we know today, the pop-punker's second album Kerplunk is a step closer to that defined sound that would catapult them into the mainstream two years later.
Billie Joe Armstrong's perfected the snotty vocal delivery and friendly guitar crunch, while Mike Dirnt's bouncy basslines and harmonizing back-up vocals are coming into their own. It's teetering back and forth between the fast to-the-point radio pop songs of Dookie and lyrically bloated, weaker songs of 1,039.
Not quite there but it's so damned close it can't help but be noticed as good, foot-tapping, head-bopping fun.

3½ Sweet Children out of 5

Songs Of Note: One For The Razorbacks; No One Knows

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