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Sunday, January 15, 2012

K.U.K.L / The Eye (1984)

Released on the often-criticised but always interesting CRASS records, the first K.U.K.L album is post-punk at heart, but it's Björk, so it's experimental bat-shit crazy as well, and has a lot of genre-bending. Expect bells, flutes, pipes, guitars and drums, with vocals shared between her and Einar Örn that range from a whisper to an anguished scream. It sounds like PiL in places, and Sugarcubes in others (both Einar and Björk were in the 'Cubes). If you like weird, and don't hate the outspoken Icelandic pixie, you might find something new in The Eye.

Songs of Note: Dismembered; Anna

3½ icy screams out of 5

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