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Sunday, January 1, 2012

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD / Happy? (1987)

PiL used to create art. Then they made pop art. This is as close to regular boring Pop as you can get and still be Lydon. And it really sucks. Lydon still sounds like the kid that doesn’t get picked for the school choir (that's a good thing) but the music is generic, bland, devoid of innovation and above all, safe. PiL shouldn't be safe. There are hints of the old buried in the mix, Save Me, and the bass line of Fat Chance Hotel, but not enough to sustain any lasting interest. Happy? No, I'm not!

Songs of Least Fail: Save Me; Fat Chance Hotel

1 there is no art anymore out of 5


nik81 said...

Sorry, but i´m not agree with you... Happy? is awesome from start to finish

Dr Faustus said...

One of the great things about PiL was their ability to appeal to different people at different stages of their career. I'm not a fan of this one but I really love the early ones.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s a pleasure to hear from a fellow PiL fan.