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Friday, January 27, 2012

INFANT SORROW / Get Him To The Greek [2010]

You know the rock music genre is in a bit of trouble when the best "rock" album to come out in 2010 was a joke album by a fake rock band, Infant Sorrow fronted by comedian Russel Brand.
Serving as a soundtrack of sorts to the film, Get Him To The Greek, Brand is pompous Brit-rocker Aldous Snow who is trainwreck hybrid of Jarvis Cocker (one of the album's co-writers), Liam Gallagher, Bono and Mick Jagger. Playing it straight, Brand is hilarious, yet emotionally effective, spouting out inane lyrics about "furry walls" and "bangers, beans & mash". It's not an instant classic by any means but it's great fun with some good chuckles and catchy tunes front to back.

3½ hilarious cases of the Clap out of 5

Songs Of Note: Going Up; Yeah Yeah Oi Oi

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